The Ice Plant Story

During the early 1900’s, the original Ice Plant was owned and operated by the Gabler Family.  The primary business was producing ice, manufacturing ice cream and bottling soda pop; thus, giving the business its name “THE ICE PLANT.” Later the second floor of the building was transformed into a dance hall.  Local residents and folks from miles around came to THE ICE PLANT to dance, eat and socialize.  After the dance hall closed, the Mavin family continued operating the food end of the business located on the first floor until 1979.  In 1982, the Rumble family added an addition and made renovations to continue this local tradition.  The doors never opened for business due to the 1985 “ELECTION DAY FLOOD” which destroyed the interior of the building.  The Ice Plant sat empty for 17 years.  Renovations and restoration of THE ICE PLANT began in 1995 with the dream of recapturing the nostalgia of THE ICE PLANT OF OLD by Curt & Lisa Rumble-Miller and JoAnn and Jim Rumble.

The doors were once again open in June 1996 and it has been a favorite restaurant for many since that time.  In 2001, a fire struck and the interior was destroyed.  Once again, renovations were made and the floor plan changed

On January 5, 2014 a horrific fire once again struck.  This time, the old ICE PLANT did not remain standing.  The damage was so bad that the Pennsylvania Fire Marshall ordered THE ICE PLANT to be torn down.  Devastated by the loss of a building so loved, Lisa Miller could not bear to begin construction on a new building.  Finally, in 2018 the original pavilion on the grounds was enclosed to start from our very humble beginning.  Knowing the love that Lisa had for THE ICE PLANT and the former Gabler home that sits on the property, Curt utilized the interior doors from the house along with several from his grandmother’s former homestead, to place on the interior walls of the new ICE PLANT.  It has been a long difficult road to bring back one of our community’s most loved places, but we made it.  Hence, when one door closes, many more open.

In keeping tradition, our goal has always been to serve only the finest quality products available at reasonable prices.  Our food and service compares too many of the finest restaurants in the area.  In other words, our history will continue to repeat itself in serving you, our customer’s. 

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement, we heard you all loud and clear!